New Plowden Medal Designed

The Plowden Medal is awarded annually to an individual who has made a recent, significant contribution to the conservation sector.

A new medal, seen here, was designed and produced in 2022 by QEST Alumni Scholars and Royal Warrant holders.

Following a design competition for QEST Scholars, a design by Alexandra Pengelly was selected. Alexandra received a 2013 QEST Life Family Charitable Trust Scholarship for Textile Design and Knitwear. The medal was then produced by Royal Warrant holder, Mappin & Webb and QEST Apprentice Sam McMahon. Sam received QEST Hedley Foundation funding which supported him in his apprenticeship in jewellery at Mappin & Webb.

The solid silver medal takes inspiration from the late Hon. Anna Plowden’s innovative work.  Anna, after whom the Medal is named, was one of the foremost object conservators of her generation and at the time of her death, Vice President of the RWHA. A broad range of materials were used including Howlite, Jasper, Wood and cast Silver gems which are set onto the engraved surface.   

A medal box was also created by Royal Warrant holder, Zone Creations, using wood from Anna’s desk and engraved with the Royal Warrant Holders Association roundel.  The 2022 medal is a unique edition, containing the commemorative Platinum Jubilee hallmark.