Sustainability Policy

At the Royal Warrant Holders Association (RWHA), our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the opportunities and resources we provide for our member companies.  As an organisation, we are committed to reducing our own environmental impact while increasing our social influence.  We are continually looking for, and implementing, ways to play our part in tackling climate change.

Beyond this, as a membership organisation, we pledge to use our position to provide opportunities for member companies to learn how to increase sustainable business, encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and work with our partners to inform and educate members about relevant issues.

For the past seven years, the RWHA has been Planet Mark certified, meaning we have reduced our carbon emissions by at least 5% per employee per year.  From 2021, we have assessed our office use and are identifying ways to increase energy efficiency. We are also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our events and staff travel, for example by hosting hybrid events and reducing road travel.

The RWHA Charity Fund makes grants of up to £3,000 to small charities with which Warrant-holding companies are actively involved. Donations have been made to charities across the UK, supporting a diverse range of causes from healthcare to environmental, to military and children’s charities.