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Secol, founded in 1958, are the pioneers and originators of the archival use of polyester in the manufacture of archival storage in standard and bespoke formats for national institutions, archivists and conservators the world over. The Secol name is synonymous with the best specification and the highest possible quality,
Providing a satisfactory compromise between the conflicting needs of access and preservation has long been an issue for archivists, conservators, librarians, photo libraries, collectors and anybody from family historian to national curator. Regular access to original documents or film will cause damage, yet placing it beyond use invalidates the real purpose of preserving it. Secol Polyester Film: inert, extremely clear and immensely strong provides security and long-life functionality in every format imaginable. Secol supply ultimate solutions for bringing professional presentation, easy accessibility and perfect order with indexing to the most fragile, valuable materials and memorabilia.
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