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Besom brooms have been produced for over 300 years, and both sides of the family behind the business have been involved. Since the death of Arthur Nash, his son Bradley has carried on the tradition. Although it is a dying craft, we hope it continues for many years to come.
The head of the broom is always made of birch bound together by wire. Years ago, brooms were bound by narrow strips of wood, but after the Second World War wire was used as it holds the birch tighter, making a better broom. The handle can be of any wood, but we always try to use hazel or birch. The material for the brooms is collected during the winter, between November and March, when there is no sap in the wood. It is stored in stacks for a minimum of six months, then picked to the correct size for a broom. All stages of broom-making are done by hand, from the cutting of the birch to the making of the broom. No machinery is used at all.
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