Conservation Resources (UK) Ltd

Antiques, Art & Conservation

We are suppliers of archival storage products; archival boxes and polyweld pockets; file folders; archival envelopes; museum mounting boards; tools and accessories for all types of restoration; conservation adhesives and tapes; painting, bookbinding, ceramic, wood, metal and leather chemicals and cleaning and bleaching products.
We supply archival storage materials: archival handmade boxes, archival polyester sleeves, file folders and envelopes.

We also supply mount boards and other archival paper products; conservation restoration materials for ceramics restoration, bookbinding and cleaning; conservation adhesives; workshop equipment, tools and accessories (cutting mats, blades, safety knives, face masks, gloves, magnifiers, sponges) and consolidants for wood, leather and paintings.

We also offer negative and transparency storage, Tyvek Tags, rolls and sheets.
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Manufacturers of Archival Storage Materials

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General Manager
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