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Founded by Edmund McIlhenny on Avery Island, Louisiana in 1868, McIlhenny Company makes the most famous pepper sauce in the world, TABASCO® Sauce. Now sold in over 195 countries and territories around the world, the original recipe of hand-picked heirloom tabasco peppers, vinegar and salt has remained virtually unchanged.
To this day, the process of ageing the pepper mash in oak barrels for 3 years under the care of McIlhenny family members continues on Avery Island. Tabasco® Sauce first arrived in England in 1874 and was granted a Royal Warrant in 2009.

Tabasco® pepper sauces are available in a range of sizes from 3.7ml to a gallon. The core range of products available in the UK comprises Tabasco® Sauce, Tabasco® Green Sauce, Tabasco® Chipotle Sauce, Tabasco® Habanero Sauce and Tabasco® Sriracha Sauce.
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