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Hillbrush was established in 1922 by brothers Fred and Bill Coward. Passionate about quality and innovation, this family-owned and run business has become the largest UK-based manufacturer of high-quality brushware and hygienic cleaning tools. We continue to strive for excellence in everything we do including product development
When Hillbrush was established, the Coward brothers chose a salmon as the original brand logo. Through a network of distribution partners, the Hillbrush Salmon® has become the benchmark for quality in more than 90 countries. As well as continuing to manufacture high-quality wooden brushes with natural fibres, Hillbrush has introduced revolutionary hygienic cleaning tools including our hygienic Anti-Microbial products, Resin Set DRS® brushware, offering unrivalled filament retention system, and Total MDX Hygienic Tools™, totally metal and x-ray detectable. Our passion for innovation and commitment to quality and customer service has become the expertise they have come to expect from us.
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