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Founded in 1760, Maison Lanson is one of the oldest Champagne Houses. With a deep-rooted family heritage and unique expertise, it is the passion for quality work and attention to others that has guided Lanson since its inception. It has always transcended borders producing champagnes appreciated all over the world.
The aromatic signature of Champagnes Lanson is the result of a wide selection of crus, a traditional vinification method with predominantly non-malolactic fermentationa, a rich collection of reserve wines, and a loger ageing in cellars. Lanson wines are characterised by their elegance, freshness, vitality and ability to stand the test of time.
Inspired by nature, Maison Lanson has committed to ecological viticultural practices, favouring natural balance in the soil and plants. Lanson proactively supports its partners in an official and certified viticulture approach, and is one of the few Maison’s to offer an organic cuvée in its permanent range.
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