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Jewellers, Gold/Silversmiths & Clockmakers

Established in 1945, BJS is a third generation family company, offering computer-controlled, precision, silver, gold and rhodium electroplating and electroforming in copper, nickel, silver and gold.
All work is carried out under a BSI ISO9001:2015 quality-assurance programme.
Uniquely, BJS can deposit gold directly on to stainless steel items with capacity to accurately plate large items for super yachts, VVIP aircraft, cars, homes, palaces & religious centres.
BJS make many of the most important silver sporting trophies, gold plated sculptures for major artists, props for films and rapid prototyping for the F1 industry in nickel. Industrial products include PCR thermal cycler heat exchangers, satellite receivers & turbo charger impellor wheel master patterns.
All work is computer tracked, monitored and controlled to ensure both quality & reproducibility.
020 8810 5779
65 Bideford Avenue Perivale
United Kingdom
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HM The Queen
Electroformers, Electroplaters and Silversmiths

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Richard Lewis
Chief Executive Officer
020 8810 5779