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Agri.Cycle began farm plastic recycling in 2004. As farmers, we understood the importance of a simple, but effective, solution to ensure their plastic waste could be dealt with in the correct way that benefits both the farmer and the farm itself.
A farming family business, setup for farming families.

Our business was setup with every farm and farmer in mind. No matter the size, the location or farming you do, Agri.Cycle was borne out of a necessity to ensure agriculture is a sustainable industry. We understand the importance of looking after our countryside and so offering an easy, sustainable solution to correctly dispose of any farm plastic waste. Our service is a straightforward process that ensures the customer has no worry of their material being disposed of correctly and that their waste is disposed of responsibly. By recycling with Agri.Cycle, you ensure that your farm plastic is processed in the correct manner.

Since formation, we have developed a network of collection points across the country so that farmers across the UK can take advantage of our service. Most collection points offer a service to collect your farm plastic or alternatively deliver it in. If there is not a collection point near you, do not worry! Get in touch with Agri.Cycle head office and we can find a solution that satisfies all involved.
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